Peter J Balint

Peter J Balint

Peter J Balint


Environmental policy

I am a Professor in the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. I teach courses on environmental policy and politics and on research methods and data analysis. My research addresses various aspects of environmental policy, including community-based conservation and the management of so-called wicked environmental problems. I have a PhD in environmental policy from the University of Maryland. Before studying environmental issues, I taught English for more than 20 years in the inner-city alternative public high schools of Albany, NY.

Selected Publications

Manongi, F.S., and P.J. Balint. Prayer Behavior in Rural Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53(4): 760-774.

Donahoe, S.B., D.C. Parker, B.J. Kronenfeld, and P.J. Balint. 2014. Integrating Micro-Scale Processes into Landscape Forest Management Models Using Logistic and Multilevel Random Effects Regression Analysis. Forest Science 60(5): 962-972.

Balint, P.J, and J.K. Conant. 2013. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Budget from 1970 to 2010: A Lifecycle Analysis. Public Budgeting & Finance 33(4): 22-42.

Balint, P.J., R.E. Stewart, A. Desai, and L.C. Walters. 2011. Wicked Environmental Problems: Managing Uncertainty and Conflict. Washington, DC: Island Press.

Zirbel, K., P. Balint, and E.C.M. Parsons. 2011. Public Awareness and Attitudes towards Naval Sonar Mitigation for Cetacean Conservation. Marine Pollution Bulletin 63(1-4): 49-55.

Balint, P.J., and J. Mashinya. 2008. CAMPFIRE during Zimbabwe’s National Crisis: Local Impacts and Broader Implications for Community-Based Wildlife Management. Society & Natural Resources 21(9): 783-796.

Balint, P.J. 2006. Improving Community-Based Conservation near Protected Areas: The Importance of Development Variables. Environmental Management 38(1): 137-148.

Courses Taught