Environmental and Sustainability Studies
College Of Humanities and Social Sciences and College of Science

Full-time Faculty

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  • Susan Crate

    Susan Crate

    Associate Professor

    Environmental and cognitive anthropology, human ecology


  • Michael Gilmore

    Michael Gilmore

    Associate Professor

    Ethnobiology, community-based conservation, biocultural diversity, sustainable development

  • Paul C. Gorski

    Paul C. Gorski

    Associate Professor

    Social Justice Teacher Education, Activist Burnout and Persistence, Poverty and Educational Opportunity


  • Younsung Kim

    Younsung Kim

    Associate Professor

    Environmental governance, climate change policy, corporate environmentalism and public policy, public policy analysis and evaluation


  • Kim Largen

    Kim Largen

    Assistant Professor

    Insecticide Diflubenzuron, Plant Pathology, Public and Educational Outreach


  • Dann Sklarew

    Dann Sklarew

    Associate Professor

    Applied, Behavioral, Coastal and Estuarine Ecology; Ecosystem-based Management; Environmental Collaboration

  • Sharon Spradling

    Sharon Spradling

    Academic Program Advisor (SIS & SMSC)

    Entomology, Earth Systems & Geoinformation Sciences


  • Andrew Wingfield

    Andrew Wingfield

    Associate Professor

    Fiction and creative nonfiction writing, sustainability studies